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Anastasia Therianou


5 star rating from 9 reviews

Dr Anastasia Therianou is a qualified Consultant Dermatologist and she currently works at the world-renowned Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr Anastasia Therianou has been awarded a PhD on psoriasis and she has also carried out the rigorous skin cancer fellowship at St John’s Institute of Dermatology which is one of the world’s leading centres for patients with skin diseases and the largest in the UK. Moreover Dr Therianou has been trained in hair and nail disorders by some of the world’s best specialists and became an expert in the field. Her articles have been published in leading dermatology journals and she regularly presents at international conferences. Dr Therianou performs excisions of skin cancers, benign lesions and she has 15 years’ experience in cosmetic dermatology.

Patient Testimonials

Below are just some of the doctor’s patient reviews. For more information about consultations and appointments, please contact us.

“I saw Dr Anastasia back in November and I had a skin problem she was extremely helpful and understood my problem so she explain to me what I need to do And slowly slowly it’s clearing up which is helping me now”

Verified patient,

“Thank you so much for the splendid job you did to my mouth. The scar can scarcely be seen and it must have been quite a difficult area – lots of skill and great manner”

Verified patient,