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Yulia Gurtovaya


5 star rating from 26 reviews

I am currently an NHS Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at West Middlesex University Hospital in London where I practice complex Laparoscopic and open surgeries, performs outpatient and in patient hysteroscopy procedures, colposcopy for abnormal smears (looking at the vagina and cervix), conducts general gynaecology and gynaecology oncology clinics, covering Elective Caesarean Section list and Labour Ward on call as a Resident consultant with hands on.

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Doctor’s Profile

I have over 10 years experience in general gynaecological problems, including
Woman well check, including smears and treatment for abnormal smears,
pelvic inflammatory disease,
diagnosing and treating infection,
heavy periods,
menstrual disorders/irregular bleeding
early pregnancy problems,
pelvic pain,
menopausal problems,
contraception advice

I am committed to providing the highest level of quality healthcare possible for all my patients and I feel that The Portland Hospital and The Harley Street Clinic are the best places to support this.

1. Outpatient:
• Colposcopy, biopsy and treatment to the cervix (LLETZ), diathermy to ectropions
• Outpatient hysteroscopy: diagnostic – for postmenopausal bleeding, menorrhagia, and operative – endometrial biopsy, polypectomies
• Coil insertion and removal, including embedded coils
• Pessaries for prolapse: insertion, removal, finding the right size
• Vulvoscopy and vulval biopsies

2. Inpatient:
• Diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, including polypectomy, resection of fibroids, resection of endometrium, endometrium ablation
• Surgical management of delayed miscarriage (ERPC)
• Diagnostic and operative laparoscopies – including ovarian cystectomies, oophorectomies, salpingoophorectomies, laparoscopic sterilisation, laparoscopic hysterectomies, adheolysis, treatment to endometriosis
• Open abdominal procedures: ovarian cystectomies, oophorectomies, and hysterectomies.
• Vaginal procedures: vaginal hysterectomies, pelvic floor repairs.

• Management of antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum problems
• Caesarean sections
• Instrumental deliveries
• Early and late pregnancy problems

I hope the above gives a good description of my back ground and experience and given the opportunity I’m certain I can deliver the very high standard of Medical care.

As a bilingual and a native Russian speaker who graduated in Moscow, I believe that given a chance to work for Polyclinica N1 (part of The Harley street clinic) and The Portland Hospital this will benefit Russian-speaking patients, who live in the UK and indeed London.
It is perfectly situated in the center of London and gives easy access from where I live.
I qualified from Moscow Medical University in 1990.
I completed my postgraduate training in Oxford deanery, having worked at the John Radcliffe, Royal Berkshire, and Stoke Mandeville Hospitals among others. I am a certified colposcopist and have a Diploma in the Family Planning Clinic, I’m also certified by RCOG in open and Laparoscopic abdominal surgery

Patient Testimonials

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“Thanks a million to Dr. Gurtovaya for the outstanding experience and for handling my case very professionally and with extreme care and Also thanks to Janet for her excellent support and for making things easier for me.”

Verified patient,

“I just could not put anything but an excellent mark for everything: treatment , explanation and overall experience.Doctor is very gentle and comforting (if the word could be used for the Doctor).”

Verified patient,