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Paediatric Care

Our paediatricians can look after childrens’ health from birth onwards, Routine health surveillance in babies, toddlers and children Immunisations

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All routine vaccines available according to UK and international vaccine schedules including Meningitis B (Bexsero), BCG, Hepatitis A and B and chicken pox vaccines

In addition, our Paediatricians can treat Fever, Viral illnesses and infections, Coughing, wheezing and asthma, Feeding difficulties in infants such as reflux, colic and milk allergy, Skin rashes such as eczema.

They can address Concerns regarding child development, Constipation, Vomiting and diarrhoea, Abdominal pain, Headaches.

Our paediatricians are able to access and refer to therapists and paediatric specialists across London for your child’s care.

This list is not exhaustive but examples include dietetics, speech therapy, breastfeeding support, physiotherapy, basic life support training, psychology, hearing tests and audiology. Paediatric surgery, orthopaedics, ENT, cardiology, neurology, dermatology, nephrology, haematology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, respiratory, allergy, rheumatology, genetics.

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