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Welcome to our Patient Portal

If you are unable to find the answers you are looking for here or if you have any additional queries, please get in touch and we will help assist you in every way we can.

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Arriving at the Harley Street International Polyclinic

When you call our Polyclinic for the first time, our dedicated helpdesk will book an appointment with the specialist of your choice.

Upon arrival to the clinic, you will be greeted by one of our friendly team members who will clearly explain your appointment schedule.

You will be made comfortable in the waiting area, with tea or coffee offered whilst the necessary registrations forms are completed.

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What is our one-stop approach for private patients?

In most cases, if your consultant requests blood tests, ultrasound scan or other imaging investigations, these can usually be provided on the same day with only a short waiting period.

Your consulting doctor will fully appraise your medical history and perform primary tests, whereby the proposed treatment plan will be provided based on your diagnostic requirements.

If required, you will be brought to a treatment room (for blood tests or cardiac assessment) or the imaging room (for ultrasound investigations, exercise tolerance test, dobutamine stress test). Here the technical staff will clearly explain what will happen during the test and what to expect for peace of mind.

Flexibility and Convenience

The Harley Street International Polyclinic is open from 9 am on weekdays until 9 pm in the evening, and from 9am until 6pm on Saturdays.

Because you can usually have any necessary diagnostic tests on the same day, this implies fewer visits, which makes taking care of your health compatible with your busy schedule of work, home and social life.

What happens next?

If you require treatment, your treatment plan will be discussed at the end of your appointment . This could include taking medication from a prescription,having follow-up appointments, or a possible referral to another specialist, or admission to hospital.

Whatever the outcome, we will help make all the arrangements for follow up consultations and referrals. If you need to be admitted to the most appropriate private hospital for your needs, we will arrange your transfer, setting up your bed allocation and making sure everything is ready for your arrival.

Consultation and test fees

How it works

Consultation fees for our physicians are shown on our website or directly from each consultant’s secretary when you book an appointment.

If you have private medical insurance your fees may be paid by your medical insurance provider and would require verification.

We advise you to check if your insurance will cover your consultation or any resulting treatments in advance. In all cases, you will require pre-authorisation of your medical insurance. If you are a self-paying patient, you can pay the London International Polyclinic directly.

Medical insurance and pre-authorisation

If you have private medical insurance you need to have a pre-authorisation for your consultation before coming to your appointment. This means that you need to see your GP to obtain a referral letter and then you can contact your medical insurer.

Q: What if after the consultation I need further tests?

When you have a consultation, your doctor may deem appropriate for you to have diagnostic tests, which may include an X-ray or a scan or blood tests. Please note that if you have CT or MRI scans requested at our premises, the provider of these tests is a private medical facility conveniently located few minutes away from our hospital.

This is important as your private medical insurer request this information when you obtain the pre-authorisation for your tests.

Even if your medical insurer has authorised your initial consultation, they will also need to pre-authorise:

· Your scan or further tests.
· Any admission to hospital.
· Further treatment if it is clinically necessary.

We cannot obtain these authorisations for you, but we can provide facilities for you to call your medical insurer while you are in clinic and assist you in this process.

At the Harley Street International Polyclinic we have access to the most current diagnostic facilities.

Our physicians have fast access to a range of imaging techniques and can often offer patients a CT scan or an X-ray on the day of their consultation.
This provides a peace of mind that your symptoms are being thoroughly investigated and treated as soon as possible. After discussing the findings with the relevant radiologist, your consultant should be able to see you after your scan, so that your treatment plan can be initiated.

X-rays on demand

If your consultant recommends an X-ray, and you choose to have this done on the same day, we can send you to a nearby private facility working in conjunction with us, which will provide results immediately. All X-rays are done at a low dose, and digital images are available instantly for analysis.

CT Scanning

We have access to a high definition CT scanner that uses a low dose of X-rays Use of low dose CT scanning is important when we are performing screening tests, such as cardiac imaging. You can be reassured that your exposure to X-rays will be minimized, even if you need follow up scanning.

MRI Scanning

We have the latest, state-of-the-art MRI scanner, which is available for neuroimaging, full body imaging and musculo-skeletal diagnosis. The wide-bore scanner is the most spacious and powerful available for clinical use as it shortens the scan time considerably.
We are keen to make sure that patients have the most comfortable MRI scan possible therefore if you are having your scan done onsite, we offer constant reassurance and a choice of relaxing music for the duration of your scanning treatment.

Ultrasound Scanning

This is a very quick and immediate test to do and can be completed within half an hour. Our consultant radiologists can use the ultrasound scanner purely for diagnostics, but they are also experienced in interventions such as joint injections and image-guided biopsies.

Specific diagnostics tests available depending on your diagnostic requirements, tests are often conducted within the London International Polyclinic itself or at a nearby private facility.

You can find more detail:

  • Cardiology tests: electrocardiograms (ECGs), echocardiography, calcium scanning and CT coronary angiography.
  • Gastroenterology tests: Endoscopy and colonoscopy, ERCP, non-invasive testing for liver fibrosis markers.
  • Respiratory function tests: lung function assessments, fibreoptic bronchoscopy and endobronchial ultrasound.

Our Available Diagnostic Tests

Calcium Scanning

CT coronary angiography

ECG tests


24h ECG Holter Monitoring

24h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

Exercise tolerance test

Dobutamine stress test

— Chest X Ray

— Abdominal ultrasound

— Gynaecological ultrasound

— Obstetric ultrasound

— Vascular ultrasound

— Urological ultrasound

— All blood tests