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Silvia Pierini

Dr Pierini is a highly skilled and experienced Italian paediatrician. She is a specialist in all aspect of general paediatrics, neonatology, breastfeeding.

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Doctor’s Profile

She is an expert in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of:

Common respiratory Conditions (chronic cough, asthma, wheezing, recurrent respiratory infection)

Gastrointestinal Problems (Feeding difficulties, Reflux, Constipation, Colic in babies, Abdominal Pain, Diarrhoea etc.)

Skin problems (rashes, birth marks, nappy rashes, eczema etc.)

Dairy and food intolerance

All acute illness and infections.

Nutrition: breastfeeding’s problems, formula quantity and quality, weaning, obesity, poor weight gain

She works with new mothers from the day they leave the hospital, and she provides full support which gives them confidence with the new born baby.

Regular baby checks and routine follow ups are done to monitor the growth, and development of babies and kids.

Dr Pierini graduated from the prestigious Italian University of Pisa with Distinction (Summa Cum Laude), and completed training in general paediatrics and general practitioner at the same University. She also completed two masters in neonatology and neonatal intensive care at the University of Rome and Padua in Italy.

She is a teacher WHO-UNICEF on breastfeeding. She has a IBCLC qualification in breastfeeding.
She has a wide experience of general paediatrics, paediatric A&E and neonatology gained from working 11 years in a paediatric and neonatal hospital in Italy, and 8 years in several London Hospitals with a range of ethnic and social backgrounds.
She is currently working as a locum paediatric consultant in East Surrey hospital.

Dr Pierini has been running a successful private paediatric practice in London for the past 8 years.
She is a popular paediatrician in London and across UK.
Within Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and South American communities in London is well known.

Insurance Companies accepted:

Bupa international
AXA ppp
Pru Health
Simply Health

Dr Pierini is happy to join other insurance companies if requested by patients.

Languages spoken:


Patient Testimonials

Below are just some of the doctor’s patient reviews. For more information about consultations and appointments, please contact us.

“Best paediatrician in London I have been ever so happy with her for my niece.”

F Keser, 2017

“The best pediatrician in london ever thank you”

G Bruce, 2017